About Us

I am Marie Lévesque and I take this opportunity to welcome you to my company Chambres Cruckin which is a full service property management agency that serves the needs of both tenants and owners of rental property in France. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that tenants get the best property rental services whenever they are visiting France whether on business or for pleasure.

A little bit about us

Well, I was a frequent traveller around Europe and I realized that I used to spend a lot on hotels whenever I would have an extended stay in country. This is where the idea of renting a property which is much affordable compared to staying in a hotel came up. I then realized that France being one of the most popular travel destinations for both business and pleasure would tremendously benefit from such a service.

The idea is to give visitors the comfort and luxury of a hotel but through a rental property that is less costly than a hotel. We ensure that all the properties we lease are strategically located near all amenities, have scenic views, are well furnished with the best finishes, and most importantly don’t cost you an arm and a leg.

We are proud of how far we’ve come so far through the excellent service we have been able to give to our clients.