Powerful Amulets from Thailand

Thinking to buy Thai amulets but confused which one is most powerful? Where to buy them? This muddle will end today, you all get answer for all your questions. Thai amulets are said to be much famous and almost everyone where it in Thailand. There even some who want to buy them and wear, but they don’t know which is most powerful. In the world of fake and real always fakes sells fast as authentic will be very less. But in the case of amulets its not impossible just little effort will prize you with authentic amulets.

Amulets and talisman are the good luck charm followed by all citizen these days. They bring protection and luck to the wearers. Based on the Buddhism philosophy & culture the Thai amulets are made. These amulets are made of prayers and buddha images or it can be images of famous past monks. Thai amulets are made at Buddhist temples and will be shared among the supporters and worshippers in exchange they take donations.

The donation taken from the worshipers will be used for some good cause like donation for schools, building hospitals, charity to orphanages, building temple, donating to unprivileged people etc.. Altogether Buddhist amulets not only brings you faith on Buddhism yet also spreads positive energy in the community & the people involved in it.

Culture of amulets was even before Buddhism; Buddhism was established in 12th century. In those ancient day these tribal people were collecting and worshipping amulets which are consecrated while shaping different stones, soil, clay, even other materials which were present in that era. The time when Buddhism officially introduced then monks adopted this amulets culture, they applied it as the Buddhism version.

Thai Amulets became popular in 1800’s during the era of king Rama V. During this time a powerful monk called Somdej Toh from Wat Rakhang declared to Thai people that Phra Somdej is that most powerful amulet. Most powerful and valuable amulets are known as BenjaPakee. It’s a bunch 5 set of amulet that’s Phra Rod, Phra Nang Phaya, Phra Soomgor, Phra Phong Suparn including Phra Somdej.

There are many powerful monks like LP Toh Wat Pradoochimplee from LP Toh B.E.2521 – B.E.2523 who are having the capability to create a scared amulet. Recently we saw the rumors in news that he is no more. But later its proved that its fake new he is of age 92 and in stable state. Most renowned guru monk having magical powers. He as was requested to bless innumerable number of amulets in past six plus decades, even if his worsening health condition has stopped him against doing it for years.

Recent report said that some of his followers are forcing him to do amulets rituals. His amulets are very much powerful and the owner who have wore it have expressed the experience they have got.

I Myself never tried wearing any amulets but I have seen people who believe a lot in it. I do follow that teachings of the great monks like him, I’m inspired by many meditation processes of him. There meditation will be about moving use toward dharma practice and bhavana that the important aspect of Buddhism.   They believe the teachings of buddha and those teaching will be filled in amulets. But may of the monks don’t make amulets they can be misused.