Kegel Exercise – Pelvic Floor Strength Improvement

What are Kegel Exercises?

Pelvic floor muscle exercises are also known as kegel exercises. These exercises are one of the best ways to improve and maintain bowel and bladder functions. Kegel exercises increase the strength of your pelvic floor and may improve or even eliminate bladder leakage.

There is a sling of muscles extending form pubic bone to the anus and woven around the birth canal, uterus and rectum. This group of muscles known as pelvic floor muscles, which indirectly control the bladder muscle and urethral pressure. Kegel exercises will help restore muscle function before it is permanently lost as well as lessen the symptoms of incontinence.

How to do Kegel Exercises?

kegel exercise for lower back painWhich muscles? The first step is to identify the right set of pelvic floor muscle. This is done by stop urinating in midstream. If you succeed, you have got the right muscles. Once you have identified your pelvic floor muscles, you can do the exercises in any position, although you might find it easiest to do them lying down at first.

Build up to Routine: Tighten your pelvic floor muscles, hold the contraction for five seconds, and then relax for five seconds. Try it four or five times in a row. Work up to keeping the muscles contracted for 10 seconds at a time, relaxing for 10 seconds between contractions.

Watch Out: Don’t tighten other muscles and focus on tightening only pelvic floor muscles. Make sure that you are breathing freely while doing Kegel exercise.

Repeat 3 times a Day: To achieve the result, aim for atleast three sets of 10 repetitions a day.

Give Yourself Encouragement: Kegel exercises seem to be difficult initially, but after some time you will become familiar with such exercise.

Fast and Slow Twitch Muscle Exercise:

Fast Twitch Muscle Exercise: The first exercise is called a short contraction and it works the fast twitch muscles to quickly stop the flow of urine to prevent leakage. The exercise involves quickly tightening the muscles, then lifting it up and releasing the muscles.

Slow Twitch Muscle Exercise: This is known as long contraction. It involves strengthening of muscles where the muscles are gradually tightened, lifted up and held for few seconds and then released. Here the ultimate goal is to hold the contraction for 10 seconds. Thus, some people find it difficult to hold the contraction and hence, shifting to the use of Kegel weights etc.

Thus, when you do kegel exercise or use kegel exercisers, you can able to improve the strength of pelvic floor muscles easily.