Our Services

Chambres Cruckin is a full service property management agency that serves the needs of both tenants and owners of rental property in France. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that tenants get the best property rental services whenever they are visiting France whether on business or for pleasure. Our services are clustered into two main packages that is, services for property owners and services for tenants.

Services for property owners

If you are a property owner looking to lease out your property to a traveller coming to stay in France for between one and six months, then we would love to work with you. As long as your property meets our standards of quality finishing, comfort and a really awesome location then we can sign you up. Our services will therefore include advertising the property, screening of tenants, negotiating and signing lease agreements, property inspection, repairs and maintenance, rent collection and management of all the financial and legal obligations.

Services for tenants

If you are visiting France either for business or pleasure and you anticipate a stay of anywhere between one and six months, the idea is to give you accommodation that has the comfort and luxury of a hotel but through a rental property that is less costly than a hotel. We ensure that all the properties we lease are strategically located near all amenities, have scenic views, are well furnished with the best finishes, and most importantly don’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Whether you are a property owner or a tenant, with us we can guarantee you quality and professional services.